Providing ROCA Care

At the earliest point after a woman learns that she carries a mutation in one of the BRCA genes, it is important to consider her options to minimise the risk of late-stage ovarian cancer.

Preventative surgery (removal of both ovaries and fallopian tubes) is the first recommended option for women with a BRCA gene alteration.

However, many women decide to delay such surgery, in order to complete their family, or to avoid early menopause.

In such cases, ROCA Care can be a helpful option.

ROCA Care is a comprehensive surveillance package using the ROCA Test, offered by expert clinicians, for women who have a confirmed mutation in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene.

With patient safety at the forefront, ROCA Care gives patients clinical support during their period of ROCA surveillance, with the opportunity to frequently re-visit the need for preventative surgery depending on their age, specific BRCA alteration, family planning and other factors.

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